Sunday, January 17, 2010

I Hate OfficeMax

A kid's first job usually sucks, I'll admit that. Few kids can ever recall what they liked of their job but instead can just remember where it was. I'm going to assume you can all remember where you first worked and what you did, but if you did or didn't like it probably doesn't come to mind because you were just happy to have a job right? Well, while I am happy that I do have a job and can work for money, it sucks so much and last night made me realize how much I want to quit and find a new. Every ounce of me had to hold myself back from walking out last night. It was epic. There's one manager in particular whom I dislike simply because he's not even a manager or at least he doesn't act like one. The floor associates, or the sales guys on the floors are usually supposed to be doing work when not with customers and it's pretty dead on Saturday nights so they can get lots done for the upcoming week of sales. Instead, the floor associates and the manager all of which are close friends talk about videogaming, Call of Duty, and drinking. It consumes most of their nights together: standing around talking, laughing, and not doing jack shit. They never get in trouble for doing things that normally would be considered bad in a manager's eye like having their phone on their person or stealing food and drinks and just eating everywhere. They don't have to do anything, listen to anyone, or help customers. It looks stupid when I am standing at the register ready to help customers and all they hear is the idiotic laughter of the team members just standing around who let the customers walk on by like it's no big deal and they don't need help. At OfficeMax, I'd like to think we all work together as a team and as a team, it looks bad when people aren't doing anything. You may say I'm just being idiotic, but I'm not the only one who sees it. Jenna, the person who works at the back copy center, had to come up and help customers when the guys were standing around. She is potentially the only other person who sees my frustration. We both get super pissed off when these nights happen and it's not like last night was a first time thing. It always happens when Mike is the closing manager and Mike and Kenny are working. That's not even all of it. What pisses me off the most is that they can get away with whatever, but the second I have my phone out or am not doing something productive, am caught sitting down, or looking frustrated I get yelled at. How can you yell at someone for something another person is doing two feet away. It's just not even fair. I've honestly had all I can take. When they're standing literally two feet away from the register and they can't take over for two seconds while I run to the bathroom, something is seriously wrong. Jenna had to come all the way up to the front to the register so I could go to the bathroom. It took me maybe one whole minute and they couldn't even handle that? If you don't want to do work, don't get a job where you have to do work it's as simple as that. I've never been so upset with work as I am now and currently am filling out several applications to restaurants and various other places, I want and need a new job. I don't know how much more I can take to be completely honest. Every time I walk in and see the face of Mike the manager, I am angered and know my night is gonna be the way dread it is. There's few things that are holding me back from quitting. 1)They're very flexible with my schedule and I'm scared that if I quit and look for a job elsewhere, I won't find one that will work for me. 2)The other managers that work there are really cool and down to earth and when they're the manager on duty, things are definitely okay. 3) as much as I hate Mike, I can usually get away with using my cell phone. 4) I like the supplies at OfficeMax.

I'm sorry for freaking out to all of you, I know you probably could care less or think I'm annoying for all of this but I needed to vent and get all my frustrations down in words. I gues you could say, I'm more than fed up. Hence why I say, I HATE OFFICEMAX.

If you wanna know anything about applying for my job as a cash register because you wanna be somewhat miserable, here's some career info. on how to apply at OfficeMax:

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